CSA × Marimekko

When Anna Teurnell became Creative Director for Marimekko they asked Carina to design a collection of vases and textiles for Spring 2016. The monumental patterns Marimekko is known for was the basis for her inspiration, with the idea to compliment and strengthen, rather than compete with the collection. 

Three vases were developed, the largest of the series Urna, a vase in clear glass that lets through light, Ming which is graphic in form and inspired by white Asian porcelain and the smallest vase Flower, produced in clear and pale pink glass. All three vases rest on a base which lift these otherwise robust forms off the surface.

In addition to glass, three textile patterns were developed Quilt, Okko and Mint. Mint is a woven pattern specifically designed for pillow cases. Quilt and Okko are printed in a cotton-linen blend and produced as products as well as part of the fabric collection.

Throughout the process, there was a close collaboration with the design team at Marimekko where great care was taken with the craftsmanship to achieve the highest level of quality, down to the finest detail.